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Doctors, Academics, and Artists Bear the Brunt of Mob Violence in India: Here’s How They Can Help Each Other

This appeared in on 15 March 2017. Here is the link. Below is an excerpt:

While the medical community regularly (and rightfully) demands and expect protection from mob violence, is it morally justified that it looks the other way when other citizens are subjected to similar violence? Mob bullying and violence are among the most deplorable aspects of our society, and the fearless manner in which Indians assault fellow Indians makes one wonder if the Constitution has some hidden special provision of a fundamental ‘Right to Beat Up’. Unless we start strongly condemning each and every instance of mob violence, eliminating such behaviour will remain a distant dream. We must condemn them all as citizens of the Indian nation rather than condemn them selectively as either doctors, academics, Bollywood stars, Hindus, Muslims, Marathas or Rajputs. After all, what we are collectively up against is not a few rogue individuals, but an all-pervasive culture of violence.

… With academics, artists and doctors arguably bearing the brunt of the mob bullying, they have sufficient reason to join ranks and begin a nationwide disavowal of the culture of mob violence. They need to speak out against such incidents whenever and against whomsoever they happen, for whatever reasons… It is only as a united society, and not isolated professionals, that we can hope to challenge and tame such an all-pervasive culture of mob violence.

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