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These Movies Show How Sending Doctors To Villages Isn’t The Cure For Rural Healthcare in India

This article was published in HuffPost India on 27 June 16. Here is the link.

Below is an excerpt:

In many community health centres and district hospitals, for example, surgeons frequently cannot operate because surgical and radiological facilities are not modernized, and obstetricians are often compelled to refer patients elsewhere (generally expensive private hospitals) because modern facilities for neonatal care, emergency C-sections and blood transfusion are absent. Ironically, specialists in rural areas often end up looking at general ailments like common cold and backache, thus wasting their rare skills. Bringing specialist doctors to rural health centres is meaningless unless the administration makes concrete efforts (and not the usual Bharat sarkari half-baked ones) to upgrade those centres….

It is important for citizens to understand that for rural healthcare to improve, we first need to pressurize politicians to generously support rural health systems, instead of blaming doctors for “dodging their social responsibilities”; especially as in the latter case, citizens rarely apply the same standards to engineering and management graduates with respect to improving rural infrastructure and economy. Once robust health systems begin to thrive in villages, doctors and other health professionals will naturally follow — and not for one-year or two-year mandatory bonds, but for much longer periods.


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