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Article series on Women’s Health / Maternal Health In India

Through generous funding from New Delhi’s Sitaram Bhartia Institute of Science and Research, I was able to pen a series of articles on an important public health topic in India: maternal health. I worked on these articles from mid-November 2015 through February 2016.

Following is a list of those:

  1. On the worrying trend of unnecessary Cesarean deliveries: ‘The Cesarean Epidemic: Let’s make Normal Deliveries the Norm Again‘ (in the Times of India)
  2. Advocating for Universal Health Coverage, using maternity care as an example: ‘From net neutrality to health neutrality: It’s time we got serious about universal health coverage‘ (in Scroll India)
  3. A satire on disrespect and abuse of women in India’s health centres: ‘City medical college starts unique ‘mommy-friendly hospital initiative‘ (in India Medical Times)
  4. Advocating for the introduction of modern, professional midwifery in India: ‘Shunned for years, can trained midwives fix India’s maternity mess?‘ (in Quartz India)
  5. Advocating for rural maternal health using the work of the Rajasthan NGO ‘Mata Jai Kaur’ as a shining example: ‘This Harvard Student Has Dedicated Years To Making Life Better For Rural Women‘ (in Huffington Post India)

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