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Being Nice: The ‘Social Remedy’ for Depression

This article was published in Huffington Post India, and here is the link.
An excerpt:

It is commonly observed that if the boss in an office is a jovial, nice, well-mannered person, his or her employees are generally happy and satisfied and also nice to their juniors. We now mostly live in people-dense settings with countless individuals all around us each going through several different states of mind and stages of life, which are definitely not all positive. So one never knows, us being nice to someone — replying to their texts, remembering to call them back, complimenting them for something good, sitting with them in a cafe if they’re alone, volunteering to help — may actually assume momentous significance in their lives. You really never know because, after all, we may make tonnes of advancement in big-picture stuff but it will always be the small things that matter the most. To do great stuff and to save lives, you don’t have to be Batman or Spiderman: you only need to be human…

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